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Danuta Lipinska visits Ipswich Road Community Hub


The celebrated author, trainer and counsellor, Danuta Lipinska made a visit to our Ipswich Road Community Hub on 22 May.

Danuta, who lives near Norwich, has spent over 28 years working as a person-centred counsellor with men and women with various forms of dementia. She shared her experiences through a talk called “Flying by the seat of your pants and other coping strategies”.

The fully-booked session was attended by family carers, social workers and staff from Great Yarmouth and Norwich. It was followed by a question and answer session, which the family carers in particular found very useful.

In fact the talk was so well received Danuta has promised to make a return visit and we look forward to welcoming her again in the autumn.

You can find out more about Danuta on her website: http://danutalipinska.com/

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