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Forty years on the King lives on!


Dereham Community Hub’s drama group, THE TAPS, performed their 16th show at Northgate High School on Thursday 26th October. A re-mastered version of their 2004 show, ‘Elvis 40 years, the legend lives on’ was a celebration of Elvis Presley’s life on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Performing to their biggest audience ever, and with more than one standing ovation, the group did Elvis proud. Elvis was played by both Robbie King and Justin Hewitt, who were supported by a very strong supporting cast, with the group’s newest member, Luke Clark, making his debut.

The show included 49 of the King’s greatest songs, including those from his movies and live performances, and told the story of Elvis’s life from his humble beginnings to becoming the King of Rock and Roll.

If you weren’t there - you missed a treat - but our photos capture the spirit of the evening and the brilliant performances. Well done everyone!


Elvis 8


Elvis 7


Elvis 6


Elvis 5


Elvis 4

Elvis 3

Elvis 2


Elvis 1

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