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Online activities - Eyebrow Arts

Eyebrow Arts make live art with and for people with dementia and those who care for them. As regular visitors to our Harford Hill and Rosewood Community Hubs we are delighted to be able to offer their activities online for you to enjoy in your own home.

These five minute long videos allow you to get creative with Dot, Sorrel and Holly and celebrate the creative potential of the ordinary items we have to hand. 

Note: to stay Covid safe, please wash your hands or use sanitizer before and after all of these activities.


11) A Winter Poem
What do like and dislike about winter changes? Introducing a poem made with content generated by participants in one of Eyebrow Arts' live online sessions.


10) Painting
Join Sorrel to use home-found dye, masking tape and fabric to make colourful patterns.


9) Animating Objects
Join Dot and have some fun giving expression to ordinary objects. Jive with your hands, dance with two pens and make an expressive drawing!


8) Action and Drawing 
Sorrel explores the connection between arm and hand motion and mark-making in this multi-sensory activity using dry rice in a tray.


 7) Stone Owls with Dot
Dot shows us how to make owls using stones and a marker pen


6) Lines with Sorrel
A simple activity with Sorrel exploring how you can make drawings with 'movable lines' using string, rope, cord, ribbon or wool.


5) Resonance with Dot
Exploring the lovely resonant and sonic properties of some instruments and household objects. 


4) One for Sorrow, Two for Joy
Exploring a familiar bird through poetry, actions and a collection of shiny objects.


3) Bird flight with Sorrel - making and moving a simple puppet
You will need: a sheet of plain paper and scissors. You could bring a feather too if you have one to hand.


2) Art in a frame with Sorrel
You will need: a table to work on, a collection of small objects such as buttons, pebbles, shells or coins, masking tape to make your frame (or four straight objects like straws or pencils).

1) Exploring the feel of fabric with Dot
You will need: a small piece of fabric such as a scarf, napkin, cloth or duster.