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Adash is a real life super hero


Attleborough Community Hub customer, Adash, has been the focus of media attention after coming to the aid of his support worker, Tony, who collapsed in the street.

The incident happened after the pair had been visiting a coffee bar in town. Tony said: “We were on our way back to the Hub when I began to feel very disorientated - and that’s all I remember till I woke up in the ambulance.”
Left to cope on his own, Adash took control of the situation by abandoning his wheelchair (which he uses for longer journeys) and navigating his way back to the Hub on foot. Staff were hugely surprised when he arrived at the front door, shouting in Polish and in a state of high agitation. At first it was unclear what was wrong, or that Tony was missing.

Frustrated that he couldn’t get anyone to understand him, Adash headed off towards the road. Team Manager Julie said: “He was pointing, aiming somewhere, so we followed him. When our Polish speaking support worker was able to ask him where he was going, he said ‘Tony’.“ Staff followed him along the road until they found Tony lying in a driveway. It was refuse collection day, and remarkably, Adash had pushed wheelie bins around Tony to protect him before going for help. The owner of the house had called for an ambulance, and having seen the empty wheelchair had wrongly assumed that Tony had fallen from it.

Julie said: “Adash did an amazing thing that day. He took us to Tony and showed us how incredibly capable he is.”

We are happy to report that Tony is now recovered and back at work. He has little recollection of the event but is immensely proud of Adash, saying: “He’s my hero for doing what he did. Putting the bins round me to protect me from the traffic and the fact that he walked all the way to the Hub and came back. If it wasn’t for him I could still be there.”

Service Manager, Gwen Francis said: “This young man, in an unfamiliar environment, had to cross a main road and go over a railway crossing to alert us something was wrong, and made sure that he let staff know they had to follow him. I cannot explain how his actions impacted on the staff at Attleborough Community Hub and reduced many of us to tears.”

Meanwhile Adash is now something of a local hero. His story has featured in the EDP and on Future Radio, and Thetford Police have been in touch to say they were so impressed with his actions, they are planning to visit the Hub and present him with an award.

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