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Day Opportunities Community-Based Support

This support is delivered as outreach from our community hubs.  You may have some time within a small group in one of our buildings offering the full range of day opportunities and alongside this we can provide some community-based support.

The community-based support might be focused on accessing a local amenity or assisting you to develop some skills for independence, such as travel or to manage your home, or they might be supporting you to undertake a work placement or access employment.

Choose Day Opportunities Community-Based Support, call 0300 790 0508

Working in the forest

The benefits of Day Opportunities Community-Based Support

  • Outcome focused – achieving goals that are important to you.
  • Linked to our community hubs for wider support.
  • Helping you to work on specific outcomes.
  • Flexible to what you want to work on and when.
  • Community based support can be short or longer term.
  • Support to experience the world of work.

Day Opportunities Community-Based Support locations

“I like seeing my friends and the staff. Coming to the Hub makes me feel happy.”
“We have been learning lots about horticulture and wildlife and have even made our own wildlife habitat.”
The Hub Studio Gang
“I hate being at home every day, I wish I could come more as I get lonely.”
Dementia Care Hub customer
“Good company, good food and fun times!”
Dementia Care Hub customer
“I like the Hub it gives me different opportunities and choices.”
“Thank you for taking such good care of my father this year, particularly in such difficult and extraordinary circumstances.
Family carer
“Whenever I speak to anybody who is looking for day care, I always recommend Harford Hill and will continue to do so. Thank you, thank you, so much for everything.”
Family carer
“I am really enjoying doing the workbooks.”
“My husband enjoys Harford Hill so much he has requested to come an additional day. He gets a bit bored at home. I enjoy having a bit of freedom from constantly caring for him.”
Harford Hill customer carer
“Pine Lodge have a great team. Emma our daughter loves to go as she has a great time and feels very comfortable and content within her surroundings and with staff.”
Family carer
“The best thing that has happened to me in my life, you support me in my own home to be independent and assist me with everyday tasks. ”
“I like staying at Pine Lodge because I can choose delicious dinners to eat.”
“I have had more joy and understanding from the staff at Harford Hill than in all the while I've been dealing with my husband's dementia. ”
Family carer
“This place is very helpful, I found it fun, doing a variety of jobs, got on well with the friendly staff. ”
Kevin, Norfolk Industries work placement candidate

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