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Wildlife enthusiast Jason rescues a hedgehog

Hi everyone, Jason here again.

Hope you are all keeping well and have had a very Happy Christmas. 

My supporter and I went to Cley Nature Reserve recently as it was a lovely bright sunny day. I took my binoculars to do some bird watching. Unfortunately, the visitor centre was closed so no cake for us today boo hoo! So, we parked the car anyway and went for a lovely walk on the salt marshes. There were lots of waders (water birds) for me to look at through my binoculars.

When we got home, I was unlocking the door and happened to look down for a second and I spotted a hedgehog had curled itself up in a ball in the corner by my door. My 'animal rescue' instinct kicked in and I very carefully picked the hedgehog up (wearing gloves of course) and took it inside. If I had left the poor thing where it was it could have come to harm from cats etc. I put the hedgehog into a box with some straw bedding, food and water. I then called 'Hedgehog Haven', a charity that rescues hedgehogs, and they said I had done all the right things and they would come out and collect the hedgehog later that day which they did.

I have since had an update and the hedgehog is doing fine. They will continue to care for it and then release it back into the wild once winter is over. I felt very happy and relieved that I had done my part in the rescue of the hedgehog.

Take good care everyone and stay safe.

I hope you’re looking forward to celebrating New Year. See you in 2021!

Love Jason

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