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A Happy Christmas from our blogger, Jason


Hello everyone, Jason here with another blog for you.

Recently my mum came to see me as it was my birthday. She got me a very nice hamper with my favourite treats in it – mostly chocolate! We went into town and I picked up two little penguins – they’re not real ones ha ha! They are called Pebble and Pip and they sit on the sofa with me. I love them.

Jason with Pebble and Pip

Jason with Pebble and Pip

Today me and my supporter went into Sheringham and I mentioned that the Little Theatre was looking for people to help act in a comedy called ‘When we are married’. We went in and I gave them my details, so fingers crossed!

At the Little Theatre

At the Little Theatre

For lunch we decided to have a meal in Streat Boss. We had a lovely Christmas dinner and I had my favourite hot drink, a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, it was absolutely lovely!! We then headed home for a bit of Heartland.

Enjoying Christmas dinner at Streat Boss

Enjoying Christmas dinner at Streat Boss

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

Stay safe and well and I’ll see you in the new year.  


Special treat - a hot chocolate with marshmallows

Favourite drink - a hot chocolate with marshmallows

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