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Jason enjoys the sunny weather with a trip to Holt County Park

Today my supporter and I did some housework, luckily there wasn't too much to do, just putting the washing up that I did last night away and hoovering.

Once that was done, we decided to head to Holt Country Park for a walk as it was such a lovely day taking a picnic with us as well. I don't remember going there before, it was really lovely and pretty. We saw lots of lovely flowers and the trees are amazing. There was a large pond with lots of dragonflies flying over the many lily pads, they were moving too fast to photograph unfortunately. 

It was so quiet and peaceful as we walked around and all we could hear were the birds singing.  There was a sensory garden and this is where we saw a beautiful giant painted hare and I just had to take a photo of that! We then headed back to the car park, got our lunch and sat at one of the many picnic tables. We were joined by a friendly wood pigeon who enjoyed sharing my ready salted crisps.

Holt Country Park is a beautiful place, very popular with dog walkers, and I would highly recommend it. There is a lovely little 'shed' based in the car park called Hetty's Tea Room where you can buy food and drinks.

Once back home there was just time for a quick game of scrabble. I hope you all enjoy looking at my photos.

Take good care.


Montage of photos at Holt Country Park

Jason visits Holt Country Park



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