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Jason is back with an update on his summer!

Hello everyone – I’m back!

Sorry I have been gone for far too long, I have been working at Tesco again this summer, then a surprise trip to Shropshire for my Mum’s birthday which was really lovely. We had all the family come and my Mum didn’t know anything about it.

Speaking of birthdays, Independence Matters had its 10th birthday back in the summer. I did attend it after my shift at Tesco. It was really enjoyable, I dressed up for a photo and also sprayed a car with the fire department – that was fun.

Sheringham and Cromer had their carnivals during the summer and I attended them both with a few friends. It was so good but a shame that the Red Arrows weren’t there – hopefully next year they’ll be back.

Recently Sheringham had its 1040s weekend and that was really good. My Mum was supposed to come but didn’t in the end, so I went alone but I enjoyed it especially when the iconic Lancaster flew over – it was amazing (and no, I didn’t dress up this year).

That’s pretty much my summer, hope you all had a great summer too. I know I’ve said it before but I will be doing more blogs more often, and this time I really mean it. I already have another blog in the pipeline so I promise I won’t leave it so long.

Until next time keep well and stay safe.


Jason at the carnival

Jason at the carnival

Jason blog Oct 23 3
Jason blog Oct 23 2
Jason blog Oct 23 4
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