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Jason shares his love of fish and visits the Sealife Centre

Hello everyone, Jason here with a long-awaited blog for you. “Yay at last” they say ha ha!

At the beginning of the year I went to Holt to do a talk and presentation on keeping fish. I explained what fish I have, and what my coldwater fish need and the different types you can get. We discussed what things are needed, for example pumps and use of heat pads for tropical fish, and what we need to put in the water to make sure it is safe for fish.  We talked about fish diseases and what to do if the fish was sick, we talked about how if you get fish, start with one first and how you should leave fish in the bag floating in the tank to acclimatise them to the water in the tank. When I get a new fish, I leave them floating for about 15 minutes. I love having fish, they are so relaxing to watch.

A few weeks ago me and my supporter went to the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth. I really enjoyed that so much. We saw lots of different fish, my favourites were the stingrays and jellyfish, and of course the giant turtle. We found out he is called Noah and is very naughty, ha ha!

Then on the Thursday, the same week as the Sealife Centre, me and my other supporter made flapjacks and they turned out great. And of course, tasted yummy!

Now recently me and my supporter went out for a walk in town as it was a lovely day, we then decided to go sit on the beach. As we were sitting there we decided to stack stones into towers. It was great fun, they kept falling down but we did manage to stack up the stones and they stayed up!

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while, but I promise I will not leave it so long next time. Hope you’ve all had a great Easter and you are all keeping well.

From Jason

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