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Jason talks about his experience of getting the Covid jab


Hello everyone, Jason here again.  

Last week I had my first dose of the vaccine and I can say that it really is nothing to worry about. I didn't feel a thing. I did look away and when the nurse said it was done I was so surprised as I hadn't felt anything. Now I know when it comes to having my second dose I have nothing to worry about.

On my walk today with my supporter I came across a really cool rock (and you must all know by now how much I love my rocks ). It was a sandy colour and oval in shape, so I took it home and I have painted a beach scene on it. It will go into the Holt Hub's new polytunnel along with the others I have already done. I am so looking forward to seeing the polytunnel finished and seeing my friends at Holt when I am able to.

I expect, like me, you are all feeling happy that there is a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends and finally being able to hug my Mum at last. But don’t worry, my blog's will continue! 

Take good care and stay safe everyone.


Jason painting a rock

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