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This week Jason shops for some new additions to his aquarium

Hi everyone, Jason here with another blog for you.

Today my supporter and I decided to go to Fakenham Garden Centre as I was looking to get some more fish for my cold water aquarium. I did find some 'bottom feeders' which I have been looking for for ages. We got them home safely and left them in the plastic bag floating in my tank to acclimatize. Fakenham Garden Centre is a really lovely place full of brightly coloured plants, water features, and lots of tropical fish. I would recommend a visit.

 We ate lunch in the garden today as it was so warm and sunny, a nice change from all the cold weather we have had. We then rounded the day off with a game of scrabble, perfect!

Hope everyone enjoys the sunshine while it lasts and hope to see you all soon.

Take care

From Jason

Jasons blog new fish

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