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Catch up with Jason and meet Misty in his latest blog

Hello everyone, Jason here with another blog for you.

Today, after we’d done the housework, my supporter and I decided to go into Sheringham and take a walk along the promenade. It was a bit cold but, on our way to see the sea, I spotted a beautiful multi coloured swan hanging ornament. I just had to get it!

Jason's multi coloured swan hanging ornament

Jason's colourful swan ornament

As we were looking out to sea, I saw a surfer, he must have been frozen as we were cold just watching him. We decided to have lunch in town and I had a hot chocolate - yummy! Then it was time to head home for a bit of Heartland and a game of Scrabble.

The surfer at Sheringham

The surfer braving the cold at Sheringham

Lately I’ve done some dog sitting for my auntie. Her dog is called Misty and is super cute, just like all animals. I remember when she first visited me, it was a few years ago now and she was scared of everything, she wouldn’t come near me and barked every time I moved. But now she just wants to play and even fell asleep on my lap.

Jason with Misty

Jason with Misty

A few weeks ago my supporter and I went to Pretty Corner Woods for a walk. We did a full circle and saw some cool fungi. It was fun to see how many different types I could find.

Fungi at Pretty Corner

The fabulous fungi at Pretty Corner

Well that’s all my news for today, I hope you’re keeping well.

Stay safe.

From Jason

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