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Remember, remember the wildlife this November

Hello everyone, the TAPS Wildlife Watchers here with a bonfire night message: REMEMBER, REMEMBER the wildlife this November!! 

Hedgehogs are now looking for somewhere to hibernate as well as other animals that could find themselves under your bonfire. There is a really good animation by Fire Lily Studios, narrated by Megan McCubbin, which highlights this perfectly. View it here on YouTube. 

Also remember to keep your own pets safe as loud fireworks can scare not just wild animals but also domestic animals.

We will be back later this month with another blog, until then keep watching wildlife and help where you can.
Best wishes, Jasmine, Helen, Stephen, Justin, Mark, Tim, Craig , Lucie And Claire

Look out for hedgehogs nesting in your bonfire

Look out for hedgehogs nesting in your bonfire

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