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Jason makes the most of the sunshine with a visit to the beach

Hi Everyone, Jason here with my latest blog.

Yesterday my supporter and I did some housework and I noticed a baby starling sitting in my tree who thought it amusing to watch me pushing the hoover around!! But he rewarded me with some great pics.

We walked down to the seafront which was very busy with families enjoying the half-term holiday.  It was lovely to watch the children playing on the beach and enjoying life again. It reminded my supporter and I of our own childhood holidays, lots of happy memories.

We then decided we would walk down to the boating lake to see if there was anyone sailing their remote- controlled boats today, and to our surprise we could see that the Air Ambulance had landed on the golf course right next to the boating lake. There was also an ambulance and coastguard vehicle there. It appeared that the casualty was taken to hospital in the ambulance so we hoped that this meant it was not too serious. We then waited for a while to watch the helicopter take off and I managed to get some fantastic photos of this. It was an amazing sight in the beautiful clear blue sky.

After all that excitement it was back home for some lunch in the garden before our scrabble challenge of the week and no, I didn't win this week but it was soooo close...

Enjoy the sunshine everyone and take good care.


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