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To celebrate World Wildlife Day, Jason shares his love of creatures great and small


I love wildlife!! When I lived with my Mum in North Walsham I volunteered three days a week at a wildlife rescue centre that takes care of a wide range of wildlife in need of help, for example birds of prey, small garden birds, foxes, deer, snakes, bats, mice, rats and hedgehogs. I loved working there and it made me happy every day to think I was helping animals.

When I moved, I had to stop working there because of the distance and I really missed it. I was soon contacted by a seal rescue charity called 'Seal and Shore Watch' who asked if I would like to become a volunteer with them and I jumped at the opportunity. When I get a call out from Seal and Shore Watch I get excited about being able to potentially save a seal that has been washed up onto the beach and may be in trouble. I always go with another volunteer and that's good to have someone else to help.

A few months ago I found a hedgehog by my front door that would have been in danger had I left it there. I very carefully picked the hedgehog up, placed it into a box with some hay and put a warm bottle in to keep it warm. I then called 'Hedgehog Haven' who specialise in hedgehog rescues and they came to collect it. They said it would be fine and they would take care of it through the winter and release it back into the wild in the spring. I felt really happy that I did my part to save the hedgehog otherwise it would have died.

I love all animals and wildlife, I love watching the birds in my garden and helping them is as good for me as it is for them.


World wildlife day photographs


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